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The Alliance for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) offers consultation and training to help your organization meet the challenges of serving an increasingly diverse population.

The Alliance for CLAS, with its team of expert consultants, helps organizations increase their abilities to incorporate cultural and linguistic competence into all aspects of program administration, including: policy-making, human resource planning and employment practices, staff development, outreach/marketing, and all aspects of direct service delivery.

The Alliance for CLAS can assist agencies and programs with aligning themselves, and their services with the National CLAS Standards, a best practices model for improving access, reducing disparities, and improving health outcomes for diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural minority populations.

The Alliance for CLAS offers:

  • Organizational Cultural Competency Assessment
  • Customized Consultation and Training in Best Practices from Highly Qualified Consultants
  • Recognition of an Agency’s Commitment to Cultural Competency
  • Access to our Lending Library and Research
  • Access to Continuing Education Credits

CLAS services can help your organization:

  • Build skill sets so you and your staff may more effectively serve a diverse client base
  • Improve client enrollment, engagement, retention and outcome
  • Fulfill cultural competency requirements for various funding sources
  • Enhance your reputation in the community by being culturally responsive
  • Create a more inclusive environment for staff and volunteers
  • Attract top talent to work in your organization

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The Alliance for CLAS is dedicated to providing you and your team with consultation and training to enhance your agency's ability to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services. Learn more


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The Alliance for CLAS is here to help you and your organization strengthen your capacity to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services to diverse clients. Contact us