New and Emerging Trends in Cultural Competence

Topical research on issues of particular interest to the substance abuse and mental health fields. This feature is regularly updated, and is designed to respond to the interests of the field. If there is an area or issue that you would like to know more about, please use the “contact us” link to submit requests.

The Case for Cultural Competence

This page includes full text PDFs of the latest research on the positive effects of developing culturally competent services for health care and related fields.

Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution

Including links to full text PDFs addressing cross cultural conflict resolution through understanding the role of cultural context in our multicultural encounters.

Sexual Violence and Substance Abuse

Links between sexual violence and substance abuse are key to understanding how one’s personal trauma can inform the kind of support needed to heal from these imbricated factors.

Practitioner Reflexivity as a Key to Cultural Appropriateness

A small but growing body of work is dedicated to the notion that practitioners must reflect on their own cultural identity, their own biases, and their own role and complicity in the oppression of disenfranchised groups, if they are to provide culturally appropriate services. Some sources address counselors of all sorts, others come out of medicine and are directed at physicians, but are relevant to related fields.

Disproportionality and Differential Response of Systems

Much emerging social work research is now aimed at analyzing systems of care that respond differently to the needs of ethnic and cultural minorities than the needs of their caucasian counterparts. The dissertations included in this page examine how systems  of care produce differential responses to the needs of  ethnic and minority groups and illuminate how social biases affect the quality of care many of these systems effectually provide. All of these works include abstracts and table of contents to assist you in finding the information  you’re looking for!


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