Resources by Demographic

Here you can find information intended to promote culturally appropriate services, organized into categories addressing various demographic populations who may be served by the AOD field. Articles are conveniently cross-listed to make them easily accessible.  Simply locate the population you serve or want to learn about, then click on the titles to access the most recent and relevant full-text articles from the field! 

Ethnicity-based Resources

This page contains information relevant to the culturally competent treatment of individuals of specific ethnic backgrounds.


These articles discuss a broad range of cultural issues related to family AOD issues and needs, mental and behavioral health, prevention, and intervention.

Individuals with Emotional / Mental Disabilities

The early embrace of cultural competence by the mental health care field makes it a model for the alcohol and other drugs field. We offer a selection of works from the mental health field that consider how cultural competence principles can guide treatment.

Individuals with Physical Disabilities

Here you will find information for providers on AOD treatment for people with physical disabilities, including recommendations from the Dept. of Health and Human Services, technology access, and SAMHSA guidelines.

LGBTQ (sexual orientation)

Here you will find information on serving individuals of a minority sexual orientation, without stigma and in a manner appropriate to each individual’s unique needs.

Limited English Proficiency

Here you will find articles aimed specifically at treating individuals with limited English proficiency.

Older Adults

This page includes links to resources, toolkits, and up-to-date articles on the specialized treatment of Older Adults.

Religion and Spirituality

This section includes resources for providers when treating individuals from a variety of religious, spiritual or philosophical backgrounds, belief systems, practices and histories.

Resources by Gender Identity (men, women, transgender, and gender non-conforming)

This page contains resources for AOD-related services and supports for individuals across a spectrum of gender identities. You will find up-to-date full text articles and reports from the field, as well as links to resources and toolkits with best practices recommendations for serving men, women, transgender, and queer identifying individuals.


Here you will find information on treating and supporting Veterans through AOD related services.


This page contains a large array of information for the AOD field related to the needs and interests of various youth populations.

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