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ONTRACK Program Resources is a non-profit consulting firm primarily focused on organizational capacity building for agencies serving communities of color and other marginalized and underserved populations. As a statewide technical assistance (TA) and training service provider since 1997, ONTRACK has provided over 15,000 days of TA and training to approximately 3,000 publicly-funded alcohol and drug programs, mental health service providers, domestic violence shelter agencies, faith-based organizations and a host of other health and human services entities.

Across all of its contracts, ONTRACK and consultants have developed and facilitated up to 25 training events per year, reaching over 1,200 participants from 52 of the 58 counties in the state. Examples of cultural, age and gender-responsive training events presented under the women’s, youth, African American and faith TA and training projects have included:

  • Treat Them Well: Improving AOD Treatment Options & Outcomes for California’s Youth
  • Essential Elements: The Core Competencies of Women’s Treatment
  • Tough Cases: Working Effectively with Ex-Offenders, Court-Mandated & Treatment Resistant Clients
  • From Victim to Victor: Culturally Competent Treatment for African Americans
  • Culturally Responsive Services for Latinas
  • One Size Does Not Fit All: Competencies for Working with the Dually Diagnosed
  • The Long Way Home: Working Effectively with Criminal-Justice Involved Women
  • Missionary Visions: Involving the Faith Community in AOD Prevention
  • Diamonds in the Rough: Multi-faceted Women’s Treatment
  • Working with Sexual Minority Youth in Alcohol and Other Drug Programs

Participants in these trainings have included staff of county agencies: AOD and mental health services, child welfare, CalWORKS, adult protective services, drug courts, juvenile and adult probation, public health nurses, MFT interns, community service providers, public housing staff, state parole personnel, and members of the faith community. Participant evaluations of these trainings have scored extremely high, and included such comments as:

“I really never knew who to ask, or what to do with court-mandated-resistant clients besides terminating them – now I do; and, I’m really glad you have these trainings on youth. They have such complex issues these days…it’s difficult to keep up!”
(Tough Cases training participant, Sacramento County, 2010)

“The information was invaluable. It provided a new paradigm for many of our staff in approaching students and families at risk. I receive weekly emails telling me how useful the training was and that those who attended the training are applying their new knowledge and skills with good results.”
(Trauma-Informed Services training participant, Santa Cruz, 2011)

Additional information on upcoming trainings and resources available through ONTRACK, including educational videos and articles related to prevention and treatment, are available at www.getontrack.org.

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